As from April 2014, Maternity became the second M in SWMMNN and we are now a fully integrated maternity and newborn network.

There is both an obstetric lead and midwife lead who were appointed to work with the well established neonatal network team aiming to build on their achievements and to address maternity issues in the same way.

Our overall aims are to improve patient care and also patient/family experience during pregnancy and at/after birth. By working collectively we hope to improve services locally and regionally, protect maternity services and develop regional projects to address our objectives.

Present workstreams include:

There is now established representation from obstetricians and midwives from each of the trusts in the network and further links have been forged with specialist groups within them eg bereavement team, practice educators, diabetic specialists.

Developing an integrated educational programme which both staff in Maternity, particularly midwives, and neonatal staff can attend and learn from is very much a priority for the Maternity network and gathering opinions and ideas from our staff across all our Units in SWMMNN has been helpful in initially trying to further develop this programme.